Camille Gaudin my sherpa buddy Thaïlande


Hi everybody,

I would like to introduce you to Camille Gaudin, my new Sherpa Buddy Thaïlande, and Tito, her Totem.

I met Camille thanks to Bertrand of Wimha.

Camille arrived in Thaïlande 5 days ago to start a trip in South-East Asia. She wants to find and meet producer and social entrepreneur with sustainable approach ; especially the one who works in textile sector.

Here is her website project : EcoSourcingProject

Today, we are in Chiang Mai in the north of Thaïlande and, in a few hours, we are leaving for the Pure Farm of Tristan Lecomte !

Welcome on the Sense Road Camille !


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4 months

Laos Thai

Hello !

Today, It has been 4 month !

4 month that I am travelling, sharing, moving, swimming, not cleaning anymore and 4 months people helps me.

4 month, 25000km, 35 sustainable food’s actors, 15 sensedrinks, hundreds of improbably meetings which makes me want to go further.

I have seen wonderful places, as these two days when I was on Mekong. On the right, Thaïlande, on the left, Laos :-D.

To celebrate, SenseDrink tonight in Chiang Mai, in the north of Thaïlande !


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1/4 of my world tour


Hello Everybody,

 Today, we are the 22nd of January, 2014. That’s now 100 days i’m traveling the world to meet social entrepreneurs of sustainable food. 100 days, it’s ¼ of 400 days.

 So, if you want that my 300 next days become more magic than the first 100, please tell me what you think about my adventure, what you like, what you prefered since the beginning, what you would like to see in the next posts !

Thank you so much for your coments and everyday signs of love.


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A great “Salamat”


I’m leaving tonight for Hô Chi Minh, Viet Nam.

Simply want to say a great “Salamat“, thank you, to all the Filipinos, this brave nation that knows the real meaning of the word “Hospitality”. Thank you !


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13 minutes


13 minutes. 13 minutes is the time you can choose to take to watch at this video that show my first 75 days of traveling, my 1 800 hours, my 108 000 minutes of happiness and love i received.

13 minutes is not a lot of time compared to the 107 987 other i lived, but i hope that it would give you some ideas to explore the human nature. And you don’t have to go so far like me to do it, just look around you…


SenseFood explorer

Watch the movie, 18 000km of pleasure

PS : Don’t hesitate to comment this post 🙂

The So Great Wall of China !

IMG_20131201_154326Ninhao !

After a few days of absence, here I am back on the net!

I am writing to you from my room which is located just 5 minutes away from the Great Wall of China. After an epic trip from Oulan Bator to Beijing, during which I found myself in a transiberian wagon, went through the border in a crowded Russian jeep with 10 other people and finally spent over twenty hours in a berth bus, I have now arrived in the world’s most populated country! For your info, Mongolia has 4 million inhabitants compared to China’s 1.3 billion! The other difference that I have observed between the two countries: 30 degrees Celsius.

After I just arrived at the Youth Hosted of Pekin, Ming Courtyard, I met Aurélio and Charles. We left immediately with Aurélien for a meeting at the University of Design of Beijing with Professor Liu who works on a project which aims to map the “Green” restaurants found in Beijing and on another one which targets the urban farms.

The next day, we visited a typical chinese village located about 2 hours from Beijing, lost in the mountains but as always the sun was again ‘au rendez-vous’.

And yesterday after a fantastic SenseDrink where 14 people came to join us, we went to the soooo Great Wall with a new friend from Spain living in Miami. I was as impressed with the gigantic size of the wall of china as much as I was with the mongolian steps. A fantastic monument riding on the chinese mountains into the horizon…

Today is a transit journey to Shanghai. And this time it’s going to be on be the express train, which apparently is as good as the TGV… To be continued,…


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Aurélio Lambert : My Sherpa Buddy for China



I would like today to present you Aurelio.

After Benoit Guyot who accompanied and guided me during three weeks in Europe, Aurelio will be my Sherpa Buddy for my Food Sense Tour in China. Gangster at MakeSense, fascinated by Chinese culture and social entrepreneurship, we will go together to meet actors of sustainable food.

Beijing, Shangai, Hong Kong will be part of our program !

First SenseDrink on 30th of November at Beijing.

Thank you Aurelio !


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Mongolian steppes

Hi everbody!

It has been a bit more than a month now that I started my trip and a week in a raw that I’m in Mongolia. I just spent 4 amazing days crossing the Mongolian steppes. Speechless !

Mongolia is an awesome country, bluffing, touching. In order to experiment typical Mongolian family life style, we’ve been driving to the West of Ulaan Baatar together with my 6 trip mates. 1 from New Zealand, 1 from Croatia, 1 from Japan, 2 other frenchies and our driver named Irka.

Pictures are explicit themselves, I let you admire them right away. Credit to Taka for some of them. Thanks!

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See you in Brazil !

images-2Congrats. Blues!

Well, I admit I really thought I’ll be the only french guys going to Brazil next summer… I feel stressless.
Who’s gonna get its tickets?? Let me know if you do!
By the way, here are the last news from Mongolia :
– My Chinese VISA is in progress, it took me 20 minutes at the Chinese embassy, and cost me 22€.

– I’m organizing a 3-4 days trip to the steppes with other backpackers.
– I’ve found few signs of sustainable development and social entrepreneurial activity in Mongolia. A firm which selling American bio products, even if we still can wonder if imported bio is really sustainable or not… and tones of Toyota Prius! I wonder if this car isn’t actually the most popular one in Mongolia, and I still dunno why. However it is really interesting to see no problem with electric batteries here, whereas in France batteries are loosing power while temperature drops below 0˚C. The only fair trade shop in Mongolia, a french-mongolian social local business which is making cheese while keeping traditional methods of production. And last but not least, a Mongolian lombricompost sold in a shopping center!!! to explore more!



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