The So Great Wall of China !

IMG_20131201_154326Ninhao !

After a few days of absence, here I am back on the net!

I am writing to you from my room which is located just 5 minutes away from the Great Wall of China. After an epic trip from Oulan Bator to Beijing, during which I found myself in a transiberian wagon, went through the border in a crowded Russian jeep with 10 other people and finally spent over twenty hours in a berth bus, I have now arrived in the world’s most populated country! For your info, Mongolia has 4 million inhabitants compared to China’s 1.3 billion! The other difference that I have observed between the two countries: 30 degrees Celsius.

After I just arrived at the Youth Hosted of Pekin, Ming Courtyard, I met Aurélio and Charles. We left immediately with Aurélien for a meeting at the University of Design of Beijing with Professor Liu who works on a project which aims to map the “Green” restaurants found in Beijing and on another one which targets the urban farms.

The next day, we visited a typical chinese village located about 2 hours from Beijing, lost in the mountains but as always the sun was again ‘au rendez-vous’.

And yesterday after a fantastic SenseDrink where 14 people came to join us, we went to the soooo Great Wall with a new friend from Spain living in Miami. I was as impressed with the gigantic size of the wall of china as much as I was with the mongolian steps. A fantastic monument riding on the chinese mountains into the horizon…

Today is a transit journey to Shanghai. And this time it’s going to be on be the express train, which apparently is as good as the TGV… To be continued,…


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