What is a Sense Tour?

A Sense Tour, is a tour which aims to meet Social Entrepreneurs. It is organised and supported by the social network MakeSense.

MakeSense was born in 2010, after a 6 month Asian Tour meeting with Social Entrepreneurs, namely a Sense Tour. Since then there has been many SenseTour (European Sense Tour, Mediterranean Sense Tour…) with the aim to create local MakeSense community. Today, more than 720 gangsters play host in more than 40 countries. The Hold ups, which are basically brainstorming workshops, which aim to solve the challenges faced bu Social Entrepreneurs.

MakeSence is an international community made up of “Gangsters” who organise “Hold ups”. You might already be thinking… “That’s it! We’ve totally lost the man… Not only is he going on a world tour but he’s becoming a gangster!!!”


The MakeSense community will be helping me in identifying the future social entrepreneurs, organising the holdups, and the SenseDrinks and also provide me with accomodation etc…

A big THANK YOU to this wonderful family, that I have joined in March 2013.

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