Who am I?

Hi everyone,

My name is Bruno and I am 29 years old. I am French and I am from Chartres in Eure-et-Loir. My dad being a very good cook, did not only teach  me how to savour his dishes but he also taught me his culinary secrets. I love the sweet and sour.

After completing my pre-uni course in  Orléan, I joined the School of Commerce of Tours-Poitiers. The master program in Sustainable Development in partnership with the University of Sherbrooke in Quebec was of particular interest to me. I had a couple of internship in sustainable development, one of which was at Max Havelaar. At the end of my studies, I joined Elior Restauration Enseignement, a school catering company, as the head of the Sustainable Development department. In my 5 years there, I have put in place the strategy for Sustainable Development and I have also established a network of employees within the organisation for the promotion of Sustainable Development. I have been able to advocate the usage of organic products, local products and “fair trade” products. Also, I have introduced vermicomposting activities, the usage of electric trucks and raising awareness of the employees.

And today, I am challenging myself by going on a new adventure, The Food Sense Tour.

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